Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brown Bag Introduction: Non-binary Gender Identities and Trans* Rights

On Tuesday, February 7th, the Center for Women's Studies will be hosting a panel of faculty, staff and students who don't see gender as a binary, but rather as a spectrum. The panel will discuss how national policies and laws affect transgender healthcare rights and access to opportunities that many in this country take for granted. This brown bag is also a time to hear individual stories and learn more about people in your life who self-identify as transgender. Come to ask questions or come just to listen. As always, lunch will be provided.

The panel will be comprised of Jamie Bergeron (Assistant Director of LGBTQ Initiatives and CLSI), Andrea Finley '13, Caden Polk '12, Xavia Publius '13, and Kristy Watkins (Visiting Assistant Professor in Sociology)

-Michelle Van Veen

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