Monday, February 13, 2012

BB Introduction: Reclaiming Words

This Valentine's Day at 11:30am, the Center for WMST will be hosting a discussion on the meaning and impact of word reclamation. Panelists and former writing and rhetoric students Cal Crawford '12, Casey Hampsey '13, Kerry McGrath '12, and Macy Warren '14 will discuss what we mean by "reclaiming" words, why it's important to do so, and who it benefits, moderated by Christina Liu '13 and Dena Robinson '12. Words are one of our most essential tools of communication. But depending on how we use them, they can be either tools of liberation of weapons of marginalization.

This topic is of particular pertinence especially because the Vagina Monologues - performed and directed by Colgate students - will be taking place this Thursday and Friday @ 7pm in the Palace Theater. Come support us and celebrate vaginas!

- Christina Liu

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