Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BB: Inclusiveness At Colgate

Today’s Brown Bag (2/28/12) was mainly focused on the issue of inclusivity on campus. The beginning of the Brown Bag was comprised of a panel discussion among several Colgate students who discussed their personal opinions about integration on campus. There were two football players who felt their athletic career was very diverse, whereas the others on the panel felt Colgate still needed some work in terms of integration. The second half of the Brown Bag was opened up to the audience about ideas of ways to make Colgate a more inclusive community. Here are some ideas people on the panel and in the audience felt would help integration on campus:
  • Housing
    • More Open Social Space on Broad Street  (Parties open to anyone)
    • Make off campus housing an easier option for upperclassmen (eliminate Greek life monopoly on parties)
    • Create themed houses surround a common interest (not just a racial difference)
      • Not just preexisting friends finding an interest
    • Make freshman rooming more diverse

  • Social Events
    • Have more events on the Quad/Whitnall that are inclusive
      • Future Brown Bag?
    • Donovan’s Pub is a good step in the right direction for casual drinking
    • More integrated nightlife options
    • Alana “mixers” with other groups on campus
    • Students running events as students (not only established groups/clubs)

  • Link Groups
    • Make link groups diverse
    • Force link groups to step out of comfort zone and attend different events
    • Mentoring: Mixing Class years together

  • OUS
    • Get the truth about OUS out there 

  • Classes
    • WMST/ALST course requirements
      • These classes are often the most diverse
      • Open dialogue within the safety of the classroom
    • Create a community within Majors/Minors

  • Getting People to step out of comfort zones (Social, Academic Events, Housing)
    • Break down stereotypes
    • Recognizing marginalization among all people

  • Changing the racial discourse on Campus
    • Right now it is very binary (black/white)

  • Student Groups’ Coexistence
    • Not based on a particular identity
    • Creating bridges between groups not solely based on interests
-Michelle Van Veen 

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