Friday, February 3, 2012

Are Ultrasounds Really Necessary Prior to an Abortion?

A recent article in the Washington Post reveals that the Virginia Senate passed a bill that would require women who wish to undergo an abortion to have an ultrasound and receive a picture of the fetus.  The majority of Virginia’s representatives were once more liberal, but now that there are more conservative representatives, they are trying to redefine abortion laws.  They justify this requirement as a health precaution to make sure that women understand what they are doing.  However, I feel that when a woman comes into a clinic with the intention of getting an abortion, one should believe that she has made the best choice for her life and body.  If she is required to get an ultrasound prior to the procedure, this might make the woman, who was confident with her decision in the beginning, rethink and doubt the entire procedure.  These lawmakers' actions denote that they want women to have an emotional breakdown from seeing the image of the fetus and then decide not to go through with the abortion.  It is insulting to think that Virginian representatives would stoop this low in order to impose their own beliefs on women.  The shocking requirements do not end there.  The bill also requires that women who live 100 miles away from their provider wait 24 hours to get an abortion. Those who live further will have to wait at least two days! The purpose of this bill is clearly not to make abortions safer, but to help deter women from getting them.  In a country where we constantly preach freedom, this bill will infringe on women's rights to make decisions for ourselves and our bodies. 

                                                                                                                                                     Natalie George 

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