Thursday, April 6, 2017

Engaging Feminist Thought & Action High School Seminar

Check out these awesome feminist zines made by high school students from our "Engaging Feminist Thought & Action" Seminar!

Learn more about Colgate's High School Seminar Program here!

Take Action: Engaging Feminist Thought and Activism - Allie Fry with TAs Ashleandra Opoku '17, Nitika Sachdev '17, and Ciara Swan '17
What does it mean to be a feminist in today’s world? Our seminar will explore this question by looking at how feminists past and present work to disrupt systems of oppression, like racism, sexism, and classism. We will examine with an intersectional feminist lens how activists protest, politically engage, and organize around issues like immigration rights, ending gender-based violence, and media representation. Our goal will be to gain a deeper understanding of the forces that feed inequality and discrimination, to discover what place feminism may have in our lives, and to consider the possibilities of a more liberated and inclusive society.

Feminism - A Love Story
Feminism is for everyone

Vagina - maybe she's born with it...

Intersectional Feminism
Note: We apologize! This zine was so huge and awesome our scanner didn't get the whole image :( If you'd like to take a photo of the full image and send it to, we can post it! 

no matter what...


We Can Do It!

The Perfect Feminist World


The Perfect Feminist World

The White-Washed Stick World

Journal of a Feminist

Beauty comes from with in...
Don't Tell Me To Smile: A Quick Guide to Feminism

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