Tuesday, October 28, 2014

After Gaza

With Shimon Peres just leaving, I am brought back to the After Gaza event that happened weeks ago but still holds so much relevance.

On October 3rd, Colgate University students, staff and faculty joined Bayoumi Mustafa in discussing the troubled history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Mr. Mustafa began by taking the crowd back to this summer when operation Protective Edge executed by Israel took place. Unfortunately,  this operation killed mostly civilians including 505 children. Furthermore, subject to a inhumane blockade set up by both Egypt and Israel. This essentially makes Palestine( Gaza, west bank) operate more or less like a penal colony of 1.8 million people and 1.2 million refugees. Limited exports and imports are allowed into the country with an export happening Sept. 15 resulting in sweet potatoes. Sewage and powerstrips are damaged. For all these reasons, Gaza has been seen or known as the largest open-air prison in the world.
Much of the rhetoric surrounding Palestine is that the organization Hamas uses its people as a human shield and often violates ceasefire agreements, but is that the whole story? One specific piece of rhetoric refers to the unfortunate death of the young boys who were on the beach and were killed by Israeli attacks. The rhetoric in Israel and the continental U.S suggested that the boys were drawn to beach as if they were to blame for their own deaths. Rhetoric can often be misleading and requires heavy research. So get informed.

One way activists have been trying to combat the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is with #BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) rather than just a military option. Below are a few videos to educate yourself about this conflict. Often People in the U.S hear only one sides. Broadening your perspective by hearing both sides helps to form a more objective world view and more informed opinion.

The one question Bayoumi Mustafa had to ask Shimon Peres was "When is Israeli occupation of Palestine going to end?"

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