Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WMST Concentrators Brown Bags Parts I and II: Big Questions Feminist Ask

The Wmst Concentrator Brown Bag challenged attendees to really think about big and encompassing questions that relate to a plethora of realms, such as coalition building, Asian feminisms, learned sexism language, identity, reception, and expansion. Each concentrator presented his/hers/hirs own project and elaborated on its significance to feminist discourse.

One question asked, " What does coalition building feel like?" Evan Chartier used his praxis project as an opportunity to lean back rather than lean in to support the feminist groups on campus that he had already built connections with.

Another asked how even language can affect how people receive feminism and its purpose. Lindsey Skerker examined how the name of the women's studies center and perhaps the depart  is received by students,staff,and faculty on campus. In addition, she posed options to the community about a potential change to the name. Options included Women's Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Gender Studies, Women and Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Feminist Studies. The idea is interesting, based on statistics, that a name spoke to certain groups and not others. The name also speaks to the question of whether or not it is inclusive or exclusive.

 Two questions I would like to pose to readers that were mentioned in the Brown are

  1. How is sexism learned in the home?
  2. What is feminine/masculine/ feminist leadership?
  3. How is masculinity shaped and how can it be reshaped?

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