Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brown Bag Reflection 2/11: "MichFest: A Movement Through Music"

This week's Brown Bag panel consisted of Heather Dockstader, Interim Director of LGBTQ Initiatives, Professor Catherine Herne, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, and student Susan Miller '16.  They each shared their experiences and taught the audience about the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, an international feminist gathering.  Started in 1976, this festival takes place on 650 acres of Michigan woodlands.  Visitors camp in the woods and get to form a unique community with fellow women during the few days of the festival.  The festival features live music performances, workshops, and an amazing sense of community and camaraderie.

Each of the panelists came back to the common theme of MichFest being a place unlike any other in the whole world.  They all described the community as being the safest and most comfortable they have ever felt.  Some women choose to wear minimal clothing throughout the festivities and many even choose to come early and work for free as they volunteer to set up the entire festival.  All of the panelists described how they looked forward to the event each summer, and how they highly recommended that any and all women try it out once.  This August, Professor Loe and Professor Simonson are planning on taking a Colgate contingency so contact them for further questions and mark off August 5 - 10 if you are interested in attending!

Lastly, this past week's Brown Bag lunch was unfortunately the final WMST Brown Bag catered by the local favorite Curtain Call.  Sadly, the catering company is going out of business.  Their delicious and nutritious food was a huge draw and helped feed many hungry Colgate students around campus.  They will be greatly missed, and we can only hope that something will be worked out in the future, because Colgate needs Curtain Call as much as they need our business, our help, and our friendship.

-Lindsey Skerker '14

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