Friday, September 21, 2012

Lunch with Teresa Delgado, PhD '88

On September 17th, 2012, the Center was graced with the presence of Colgate alum, Teresa Delgado '88. She is now an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College. Teresa sat down to a nice lunch with interns, Kelsey, Che, Stephanie, Christina, and me. She told us all about her experiences being a Colgate student during this time. We spent a lot of time talking comparing Colgate’s environment in the past to today’s culture. A big topic was the fact that there was not much diversity in terms of people and even education.  Imagine there being no Women’s Studies OR BROWN BAGS!!!?!? The horror!! But, in all seriousness, there were not many spaces where one could express what we so freely talk about everyday on campus. I think that this was one of the most shocking aspects and made me more grateful to be part of Colgate in this particular time period. There were also some sad points where not much has changed since the time she went here, such as sexual assaults, intolerance of women and some various groups. There are definitely improvements that need to be made in order for our campus to become a safer space. Teresa recommend that we keep voicing our opinions and make sure to firmly stand up for our beliefs because people will listen. There was also a story of hope and she said that a boy who threatened and tormented her later became an environmental activist, is Pro-Obama, and has passionate liberal beliefs. She was shocked because of all people, she did not think he would have had any of these beliefs. People can change and life takes us all on an interesting journey. This is why we must all never be afraid to be ourselves, express our opinions, and be open to new and exciting things. The Center and Colgate thanks Teresa again! We hope to see you soon. 

~Natalie George

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