Friday, March 30, 2012

"But, I'm a REAL girl!"...

Ex-Miss Universe Canada, Jenna Talackova

For this week’s blog, I wanted to focus on something that is surprisingly shocking.  The incident at hand is that a Miss Universe Canada contestant, Jenna Talackova, was kicked out of the competition after they discovered that she was born a boy. Even though this is such a shocking event, we have seen a similar case in 2009 regarding the Olympic runner, Caster Semenya.  Caster was accused of being a male because of her strikingly muscular physique and her facial hair.  Officials demanded a battery of tests that forced her to put a stop to her competing.  I guess we haven’t really come a long way.  Jenna had already reached the finals when the officials disqualified her claiming that each contestant had to be a “naturally born female” (Pullman 2012: 1).  Many people have turned to mass media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to support Jenna and demanded her to be reinstated in the competition.  I agree with many of the supporters who are skeptical about these so-called requirements.  I do think that this is discrimination because Jenna feels like a girl and didn’t expect anyone to question the gender she identifies with.  The 23-year-old had gender reassignment surgery when she was 19-years-old.  She has been living as Jenna for quite a while.  I am saddened that something this petty is grounds for expulsion, especially when there have been numerous times when Donald Trump has come to the defense of a contestant and/or winner who has lewd photos or participated in dangerous drug usage.  The message these officials are sending to the world is that it is reprehensible to not be born naturally female; however, you can be forgiven for naked photos and hard-partying ways.  They should reinstate Jenna because she has done nothing wrong, and is being yourself is wrong then we are all guilty.  What are your thoughts?! 
                                                                       ~Natalie George 

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