Sunday, November 20, 2011

BB 11/22/11 Introduction: Women in Education Forum

This week’s brown bag features the students of EDUC 312: Women and Education, taught by Barbara Regenspan.  The catalogue says that the course is “an examination of the structure, content, and expression of school curriculum to reveal ways that gender identity is formed as a moment in the general process of the reproduction of cultural consciousness. This course is of particular interest to those interested in the ways in which questions of gender should inform classroom practices and institutional structures.  The students will be demonstrating what they’ve been doing this semester, including participating in speak-outs and recording women’s memoirs.  A particular focus will be placed on these memoirs-- how they were collected, successes and failures, what was found in these memoirs, and perhaps even some excerpts.
                Student presentations tend to be very interesting to witness, and I’m always excited to hear what other students are doing.  The brown bag will take place, as always, Tuesday at 11:30am in the Center for Women’s Studies, and there will of course be food provided.  Come check it out!

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