Thursday, October 20, 2011

Support for Move to Broaden Defintion of Rape

I am not sure if any of you have seen the recent movement to broaden the definition of rape.  Many police officials and women's organizations have pressured the FBI to change the antiquated definition by which officers classify rape and sexual offenses.  The current definition is 80 years old and states that rape is “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will”.  This definition does not take into account sexual-assault cases that involve anal, oral, or penetration with an object as well as those who are drugged, under the influence, and men who get raped.  For example, the New York Police Department reported 1,369 rapes but only 1,036 fit this narrow definition of the F.B.I's annual Uniform Crime Report.  As of right now, the government has decided to broaden the definition to include anal, oral, and rape of male victims.  The decision still has to go through a full advisory board that meets in December.  Everything looks promising at this point.  It is a step in the right direction and will help past and future victims. 

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